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Why do I need social media management for my brand/business?

In this modern era not having an active social media presence for your brand/business is like holding a phone with abundant airtime and not using it to make calls. With social media, you can engage with potential customers, old customers and drive sales without breaking a sweat. However, most businesses don’t have the time or knowledge to go about it and this is where we come in. We post for you, run ads, drive sales, create engaging content, grow your fan base and follow up on important analysis for your business. We are are an extension of your business in the social milieu. We do all these while giving you the time and flexibility to focus on
administering your business.

Why should I advertise on social media?

Because everyone is on social media and your customers are on social media no matter the industry or size of your business. Social media platforms offer highly targeted ads, which can be customized around your customers’ needs. Facebook ads, for example, can target customers by factors like age, location, education level, industry and even user behavior — e.g. ad targeting people of age 35+ and who like or follow Samuel Eto’o, Wiz kid. These make social media advertising very effective in delivering results.

Who is working on my social media?

A social media specialist is working on your social media accounts. Our team at Evolt Media have social media marketing experience. An assigned expert will be responsible for your accounts, create quality content, post, create ad campaigns and perform other tasks that are included in your subscribed package.

What if I want you to make a specific kind of post or promotion?

Yes, we can create post and promotions exactly as you want it. If you have a specific post or promotion you want us to do for your brand or your brand all you need to do is contact your account manager at any time and we will post what you want as soon as we can.

How do you know what kind of post to make for me or my business?

After you select a package and check out, you will be immediately prompted to fill out our service setup form. This will require you to provide great detail about you or your business, what you do, your customers and your goals. Once we have these details, your dedicated accounts manager will
review everything, carryout an analysis, create an effective strategy and then begin to post content for your brand/business. In a better way, you could request a call or meeting with our analysis team.

What if I still want to post on my social media pages?

These accounts are yours after all, so if you want to continue posting on your social media channels while we work, that is completely fine.

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